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The success of the Cayman Resident magazine, the eBook version and corresponding website can be attributed to the fact that they are the most comprehensive guides for living and working in the Cayman Islands. The glossy, 400+ page ‘reference style’ magazine is crammed full of vital information and has grown in its support from advertisers and increased its content every year for the last eighteen years. Meanwhile the website continues to grow at an astonishing rate, receiving on average over 30,000 unique visitors per month.

For advertisers, the Cayman Resident guide and website are structured so that your products and services are showcased within editorial content that is targeted at your readership. The guide has a proven record of helping clients acquire new customers and create brand awareness with existing residents in Cayman, as well as new residents before they even arrive on the Island.

6 Reasons to Advertise


Ask to see the testimonials of other readers and customers to appreciate the effectiveness of the guide. Because advertising in the Cayman Resident really works, the number of businesses renewing their advertising has grown every year for eighteen years.


Associating your business with the Cayman Resident, which for eighteen years has developed a reputation for trust and independence, will increase your brand image and ultimately lead to more business.


The ‘reference guide’ format means that the Cayman Resident has a long shelf life and therefore exposes readers to your services on a regular basis for a minimum of 12 months. Free print and web listings further ensure even more exposure for your business.


The Cayman Resident is the most effective advertising medium for exposing potential customers to your brands as they arrive in Cayman (or even before they arrive), which means you are ahead of your competition when it comes to acquiring new customers.


Your advert is displayed alongside information directly relating to your business, thus ensuring that potential customers are exposed to your products and services at exactly the right time. The Cayman Resident targets the profitable new and existing resident market using a focused distribution strategy.


As a print advertiser you get a free online profile, preferential online ranking, and significantly discounted online banner advertising opportunities which will drive more online referrals and brand exposure.

There is no doubt that we have got more business referrals from our advertising in The Resident than any other form of advertising.
Linda Chapman-Keys, General Manager
Cayman Insurance Centre


350 Distribution Locations

Cayman Resident is distributed for free to over 350 locations in Cayman, ensuring that existing residents pick up a copy as soon as it is available.

The following are some of the High Traffic Distribution Points we regularly distribute to: Supermarkets (Foster’s, Hurley’s and Cost-U-Less), all major home centres (A.L. Thompson’s and Kirk Home Centre), Post Offices (both Seven Mile Beach and Airport locations), Cafe Del Sol locations (Marquee Plaza and Camana Bay), the Airport arrivals lounge and many more.

We also hand deliver the magazine to all managing directors and heads of human resources in every major business and government department in Cayman. Listed here are some of the organizations that have used the magazine internally or who send it out to new-hires, investors, permanent employees, temporary or contract workers, tourists, students and retirees.

Complete Distribution List

Accountancy Firms

Baker Tilly
Grant Thornton
Rawlinson & Hunter

Banks, Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies

AON Cayman
BAF Insurance Company
Bessemer Trust
Butterfield Bank
Cayman First
Cayman Insurance Centre
Cayman National Bank
CG BritCay
CIBC Trust
Credit Suisse
FirstCaribbean Bank
Island Heritage
Julius Baer Bank
Marsh Management Services
Morval Bank & Trust
NCB Limited
Queensgate Bank
RBC Royal Bank
RF Bank & Trust
RSM Cayman Islands
Sagicor Life
Vanguard Insurance

Cayman Islands Government

CI Stock Exchange
Civil Aviation
Department of Commerce
- & Investment
Department of Education
- & Schools Inspectorate
Department of Immigration
Gov. Information Services
Health Services Authority
- Human Resources Dept.
Monetary Authority
Royal Police Service (RCIP)
Shipping Registry
Tourism Offices: Cayman, New York, Canada, London

Cayman Islands Recruiters

Affinity Recruitment
CML Offshore Recruitment
Personnel 2000


Cayman Villas
Grand Cayman Villas & Condos
Hampton by Hilton
Kimpton Seafire
Margaritaville Resort
Marriott Beach Resort
Morritt’s Resort
Residences at The Ritz-Carlton
Sunshine Suites
The Ritz-Carlton
The Westin Hotel
Turtle Nest Inn
Wyndham Reef Resort

Law Firms

Bedell Cristin
Brooks & Brooks
Circumference Legal
Collas Crill
Conyers Dill & Pearman
Forbes Hare
HSM Chambers
Loeb Smith
Maples Mourant
Nelson & Co.
Ritch & Conolly
McGrath Tonner
Stuarts Walker Hersant Humphries
Travers Thorp Alberga

Real Estate Companies

Azure Realty
Cayman Islands Properties
Century 21
Coldwell Banker
Crighton Properties
Diamond Properties
Edgewater Development
Engel & Völkers
1503 Property Group
Property Cayman
Rainbow Realty
RE/MAX & individual agents
REM Services
Ritch Realty
Sotheby’s /Sheena Conolly
Tessa Hydes Property Mgmt
West Indies Brokers
Williams2 Real Estate

Schools and Universities

Cayman International School
Cayman Prep and High School
First Baptist School
St. Ignatius Catholic School
St. Matthews Medical School
Triple C School
Truman Bodden Law School


Cayman Airways
Chamber of Commerce
Dart Realty
DMS Organization
Doctor’s Hospital
Grand Pavillion
Health City
Kirk Freeport


32 Targeted Chapters

Your advert is displayed with information directly relating to your business ensuring that potential customers are exposed to your products and services at exactly the right time. In the magazine this means that your advert and information will be placed in one or more of the 30 chapters, while online we have over 200 pages of highly targeted content that can be used to promote your business.

Full List of Chapters

About Cayman

A history of the Cayman Islands, our customs, festivals, legal and political systems, geology, flora and fauna.

Global Financial Centre

An overview of the banking, fund management, captive insurance and trust industries, structured finance, currency and the stock exchange.


Wealth management services in Cayman, saving and investing, tax considerations and investing in property considerations.

Working in Cayman

How to find a job in Cayman and the different jobs available, Cayman’s recruitment companies, accounting and law firms.


How to set-up a business in Cayman, Trade & Business Licensing requirements, legal formalities and advice on fitting out your office.


An overview of work permits, permanent residency, passports, visas and domicile.

Preparing to Move

Advice on what to bring and what not to bring; duty fees; shipping companies and cost of living tables for food, housewares, and medical care.

Finding a Home

Overview of Cayman’s residential areas; renting guidelines; finding a place to live; buying a property; temporary accommodation.

Building a Home

An overview of building a home in Cayman. What to think about and who to contact to help.

Running Your Home

How to get domestic help; maintain your home, pool, garden; organise pest control and pay garbage fees.

Family Matters

Common Cayman laws, prenuptial agreements, the process of getting divorced and other family related issues.

Home Improvements

Advice on improving and updating your home from window treatments to kitchen remodeling.

Hurricane Preparedness

An overview of hurricane season, what to do and things to buy and store.

Settling In

Opening a bank account; telephone services and internet access; connecting utilities; insurance and pension guidelines, postal services.


Shopping centres and where to find everything from children’s clothing to housewares.

Living in Cayman

This chapter lists many services in Cayman including: Hair and beauty salons, dry cleaners, florists, keycutters, notary public and more.


Buying, leasing, renting or importing your car, rules of the road, licences, insurance and alternative forms of transportation.

Food & Drink

Where to find grocery stores; where to buy wine; the bar and restaurant scene; culinary events and outings that you can’t miss.

Health & Wellness

An overview of Cayman's hospitals, health insurance, medical doctors, dentists, allied healthcare professionals, alternative therapy and pharmacies.


How to import a pet into Cayman, what you need to do, who you can contact to help you; pet stores, veterinarians, kennels, grooming, pet passports.

Being Green

Ways to live a greener lifestyle. How to take action to make Cayman more environmentally friendly.

Getting Married

The legal process and general information.

Having a Baby

OB/GYNs and paediatricians, costs of having a baby, maternity wards, where to find support groups, maternity and baby clothes.

Activities for Kids & Teens

How to entertain your kids, from playgrounds and parks to summer camps, play groups and sporting events.


Where to boat in Cayman; buying a boat; boat maintenance and repairs, marinas and boat trips.

Activities for Adults

Where to make friends and keep yourself entertained; cultural activities; exploring the Island and watersports.

Sports & Fitness

Where to work out and extensive information on different athletic activities and fitness events in the Cayman Islands.


Information about public, private and international schools, colleges, universities; special needs, continuing and professional education.


Learning to dive and advanced diving courses. Dive operators, dive and snorkelling sites and wreck diving.

Community Life

Where to find a service club, social club, support group, voluntary organisation, special interest group and various religious services.


Where to go for a weekend break or a longer holiday and the travel agencies that can help.

Online Audience

40k Monthly Visits

The Cayman Resident website has continued to grow over the last eighteen years. The site enjoys over 40,000 visits per month so if you are looking to drive more traffic to your website and/or increase your visibility online, then is an ideal choice as banners are placed in content directly related to your business and provide high quality referrals .


Quality Traffic

Banners are displayed in the content related to your products and services.


Web traffic has grown by approximately 20% every year for the last eighteen years.


Significant traffic comes from email referrals, weblinks, direct access and bookmarks.

SEO Rankings

Page one ranking is achieved for most relevant search phrases.


Banners can be customised and targeted allowing you to fine tune your messaging.

New Customers

66% of traffic is from new visitors with peaks of over 40,000 unique visitors per month.

We make sure every potential member of staff receives a weblink to the Cayman Resident site and a copy of the magazine.
Jaslyne Bridges, HR Director

Advertising Rates

Starts at
$55 per month

All pricing shown is in Cayman Islands Dollars and starts at the equivalent of just CI$55 per month for a Business profile, or for CI$66 per month we can promote your business in the printed magazine, online and on the eBook.

Please note that there is a 15% charge for any special placement requests and for US$ pricing please divide the CI$ price shown by 0.82

Business Listing

Business Listing (print + digital)

Includes business name, address, phone number, email address, website and description. (Featured in the magazine and online)

Annual Price
Monthly Price
$66 per month

Standard Position Rates

The following magazine advert options also include a free Business Listing valued at CI$590 per annum

1/6 Page Horizontal
Dimensions: 4.77” w x 2.33” h
Annual Price
Monthly Price
$100 per month
1/6 Page Vertical
Dimensions: 2.29” w x 4.84” h
Annual Price
Monthly Price
$100 per month
1/3 Page Square
Dimensions: 4.77” w x 4.84” h
Annual Price
Monthly Price
$166 per month
1/3 Page Vertical
Dimensions: 2.29” w x 9.88” h
Annual Price
Monthly Price
$166 per month
1/2 Page Horizontal
Dimensions: 7.25” w x 4.84” h
Annual Price
Monthly Price
$235 per month
1/2 Page Square
Dimensions: 4.77” w x 7.36” h
Annual Price
Monthly Price
$235 per month
2/3 Page Vertical
Dimensions: 4.77” w x 9.88” h
Annual Price
Monthly Price
$308 per month
Full Page
Dimensions: 8.375” w x 10.875” h
Annual Price
Monthly Price
$408 per month

Special Position Rates

These special positions are ideal for maximum branding and visibility and also include a free Business Listing (print and digital), valued at CI$520 per annum, in the annual price.

Inside Front Cover
Dimensions: 8.375” w x 10.875” h
Annual Price
Monthly Price
$513 per month
Opposite IFC
Dimensions: 8.375” w x 10.875” h
Annual Price
Monthly Price
$513 per month
Inside Back Cover
Dimensions: 8.375” w x 10.875” h
Annual Price
Monthly Price
$496 per month
Back Cover
Dimensions: 8.375” w x 10.875” h
Annual Price
Monthly Price
$720 per month
Pages 2 to 9
Dimensions: 8.375” w x 10.875” h
Annual Price
Monthly Price
$483 per month
Prime Page
Dimensions: 8.375” w x 10.875” h
Annual Price
Monthly Price
$464 per month

Online Advertising Rates

Online Business Profile

These profiles enable you to showcase your business and products on your own page. Links to these profiles will be added to relevant articles and content. Please enquire about shorter term rates (ie 3, 6 and 9 month options).

Business Profile

Showcase your business with this Business Profile. Includes web, email and social media links, 100 word description, map pin(s) and search categories. Links to this profile are placed in relevant content.

$55 per month
Advanced Business Profile

This Profile uniquely helps to drive referrals to your business by including multiple ‘Call to Action’ buttons embedded into your listings (on content pages), as well as on your Profile. It includes all the features of the Business Profile as well as video, unlimited images, description, highlights and improved ranking.

$99 per month
Leaderboard Web Banners

These banners are ideal if you are looking to maximise impressions. The number of positions available ranges from 5-8 depending on which Group is selected. These banners can also be geo and platform targeted to maximise the return on your investment. Please enquire about shorter term rates (ie 3, 6 and 9 month options).

Homepage Banner

Prominently positioned on the Homepage, this premium banner provides prime brand visibility.

Dimensions: 970w x 90h pixels (max 125kb), 728w x 90h (max 100kbytes), 320w x 100h (max 75kbytes)
$250 per month
Group Banner

Display your banner at the top and bottom of multiple relevant pages. Available groups are: Consumer, Business, Moving to Cayman, Real Estate, Health, Education and Social.

Dimensions: 970w x 90h pixels (max 125kb), 728w x 90h (max 100kbytes), 320w x 100h (max 75kbytes)
$190 per month
In-Copy Web Banners

These banners are ideal for targeted messages as they are placed in content relevant to your business. Please enquire about shorter term rates (ie 3, 6 and 9 month options).

Exclusive Chapter+ Banner

‘Own’ the page relevant to your business. This exclusive, double height banner will dominate the page and give amazing visibility! Positioned next to the content, this banner sticks as the user scrolls down the page. On mobile this is the first banner to appear in the content.

Dimensions: 300w x 600h (Max 150kbytes), 336w x 280h (max 100kbytes)
$325 per month
Chapter+ Banner

This double height banner will dominate the page and gives the same benefits as the Exclusive Chapter+ Banner. The only difference is that this position can be shared with two other banners, although you might be the only one!

Dimensions: 300w x 600h (Max 150kbytes), 336w x 280h (max 100kbytes)
$225 per month
Standard Banner

Positioned in multiple places within the text on a page, this banner highlights your business in relevant content and so provides quality referrals to your website.

Dimensions: 336w x 280h (max 100kbytes)
$160 per month
Search Banner

Place your banner next to these 'super-specifc' search pages to get 'super-targetted' ad placements. Available options include, Find a Doctor page, Find a Clinic page, Find a Staycation page and the Find a School page.

Dimensions: 300w x 600h (max 150kb), 970w x 90h (max 125kb), 728w x 90h (max 100kb), 300w x 250h (max 100kb)
$250 per month
Listing Banner

Placed above your listing, and at the top and bottom of your Profile, this banner draws attention to your business for a minimal cost.

Dimensions: 970w x 90h pixels (max 125kb), 728w x 90h (max 100kbytes), 320w x 50h (max 75kbytes)
$90 per month


We are able to offer the following discounts:

Cross Platform discounts: Available if you purchase both print and digital advertising. Multi Ad discounts: Available if you purchase multiple print ads or online banners. Cross Product discounts: Available if you purchase advertising in multiple Acorn Publishing products.

Please contact us if you would like more information.


Publication Date

November 2023

Print Run

12,000 copies

Estimated Readership


Space Deadline

2nd June 2023



Payment Schedule

50% on signing, 50% on publication


No cancellations after the space deadline

Finished Size

8.375” w x 10.875” h

Bleed Size

8.75” w x 11.25” h


PRINT: High quality PDF files are preferred. Other acceptable formats are TIFF or EPS, in which all fonts and images must be embedded. Ads created in Quark, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher or any other word processing program will not be accepted. All artwork should be at least 300dpi and converted to CMYK. Files should be supplied on CD or DVD, via online transfer website (such as Dropbox or WeTransfer), or emailed if the file is less than 5mb.

DIGITAL: Banners can be provided in JPEG, PNG, GIF, or HTML5 formats, although HTML5 is highly recommended as it allows for crystal clear banners and eye catching graphics. Please observe the recommended sizes for the different banners to ensure the best results. Animated banners are permitted, although we suggest a maximum of 3 to 4 transitions.

Artwork design can be provided at the discounted rate of CI$95 per hour for advertisers only.